We are the fitness junkies that still love a nice home cooked meal. Is it possible to be a fit fanatic and a cookie monster at the same time? Yes, that’s us! Life on our terms is all about balance. We have learned to enjoy ourselves while we stay fit. We train hard, supplement our diet, and balance our nutrition so that we can continue to incorporate some of our childhood favorites in our regimen. Life for us is about giving back and paying it forward. We are being fulfilled every day by simply helping others accomplish their goals, whether it be physical or financial…
We Got Your Back.

MARCH 11, 2005

It all started in the movie theater on 3/11/05 and I honestly couldn’t tell you what the film was but that didn’t matter much because I was the luckiest man on the earth! Alysha Lynn Clayton said she would be my girlfriend. It was official!

I’d like to say I knew the outcome would be what it is today, however who could have known that the seed we planted almost 10 years ago would have grown the roots and developed into a lifelong bond, a marriage, and the fairy tale life we dreamed of? We are blessed and thankful to have built such a solid friendship and relationship

We are best friends, joke together and cry together, we are growing up and taking on the world together. We lift together, bulk together, prep together, and get lean together. We travel together & the world is up next!

It never has to be the dream life, if you’re willing to make it reality!


Hey guys, so I’m the type of person who can see in someone else what they cannot see in themselves! I love helping other people and have helped friends and family get fit long before I ever made a penny doing it. I will continue to do so until the day I die. I started working out with a great mentor Andy Jackson at the age of 13. He was all about old school bodybuilding, hard strenuous work outs, no quitting, no swearing, nothing less than 100% effort once you walked through the doors! This is how I established my foundation and this is how I started my journey!

It was thirteen long years of grinding, trial and error, plateaus and hurdles, but I stuck to it. I persevered and will continue to do so! I have the support of my wife, my family, my friends and the Lord and that’s all I will ever need!








When my momma ever said she wanted me to live on campus to appreciate the whole College experience, my eyes were flooded with tears. WHY? I would have been twenty minutes away from home five days a week. That was extremely long for this family girl. My husband, family and friends are EVERYTHING to me. Because of them, I am more.

Being a family girl I have to ask… DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA? I do! Quite honestly, I truly wish I did. I am obsessed with the holidays but CHRISTMAS is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! 93.3 & 101.5 are stations that are programmed to this girl’s radio from Thanksgiving (sometimes sooner) to Christmas Day. I begin to window shop just so that I can hear Christmas music and admire all the beautiful Christmas Decorations in the mall. I even stand around to watch all the kiddies take their picture with Santa. (Yes, I AM absolutely that CREEP)

How does Fitness tie into all of this? Fitness is just another thing I love, something I am PASSIONATE about, that thing I turn to when I am down and out and in need of a quick fix. Fitness has now become something that has allowed me to change almost a thousand lives in one year!

In High School I was an athlete all because I met a handsome boy who convinced me to join the track team (The Hubby). I fell in love. Not only with the sport but with him. We went on to College and that athlete I had become disappeared and I was now the PARTY ANIMAL! My week sounded something like this….. Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Fun Friday, Smashed Saturday, and Shots Sunday… Monday and Tuesday were recover days but even those sometimes became Messed up Mondays and Twisted Tuesdays.

Although it sounds like I didn’t have my priorities straight, my education was always put first. My grades were always great and my future was planned but unfortunately at the time, I thought I was living the life. It all caught up to me very fast and I needed change.

Donnell was my savior. I was introduced to WEIGHT TRAINING. It had become my second LOVE. I soon began to see my body transform and I was ready to take things to the next level. For me, it has always been about to do list and Goal Setting. When I set a goal there was a plan to achieve it and nothing standing in the way of it!

Instagram was the new hit therefore I created a page to track my journey and began to follow many inspirational fitness pages and woman. I wanted to be one of those woman. I set the GOAL and at that moment I knew I would be. I was not only going to step on stage and compete in a Fitness Competition but I was also going to attempt getting featured on as many fitness accounts as I could so that I would be able increase my following and in turn INSPIRE & MOTIVATE others like those fitness pages and fit girls had done for me. I wanted to inspire one person and help change their life…. JUST ONE!

It had all become REALITY and it felt INCREDIBLE!!! I stepped on stage in the best shape of my life placing top 10. I remember show day all I cared about was the first thing I was going to eat… PIZZA, CANDY, ICE CREAM… EVERYTHING but CHICKEN, EGGS, and TILAPIA. That night I ate everything I was craving and then some. Three days post show this girl was up 17LBS. YES 17LBS!!!! I had never been so down and out in my life.

Was introduced to a Lifestyle Program and it CHANGED MY LIFE. I hit a point where I was willing to try ANYTHING. I needed help and wanted it NOW. The weight gain, water retention, and bloat was getting out of control. Had a woman ask me to trust in her and try this system prior to my binge episode but that was a NO GO. I was a huge skeptic and wanted nothing to do with it. I was that person completely ignorant to the role supplementation played in our health and as for the business side…… NOT INTERESTED. Being about 25lbs heavier within a week’s timeframe that had all changed. At this point it could have been a liquid diet, I was going to try.

Next thing I knew I was enrolled as a distributor for the discount on my system and was being coached through the program. Day 6, I was SUPERWOMAN! I was down 6lbs, eating more food than I could imagine and energy levels were through the roof. I FELT IT. I SAW IT. My own challenge group kick off was incredible. Different genders, different age groups, different GOALS, and different starting points but somehow all feeling the same way?!?! My BELIEF increased tremendously and I was on to something. The text messages and emails were non-stop and I was ready to hear more.

I shared my story, my results, my family and friend’s story, their results, and before I knew it I had a client base, their story and their results! It helped me find my happy place. I found BALANCE. Something that was realistic, something that I could carry on for the rest of my life. I felt my best, looked my best, and was performing at my best and I was going to help people feel what I felt.

A year with the company had gone by and not only had this company allowed me to change an incredible amount of lives physically but financially as well. My life was being changed all while helping others change theirs. I was able to leave my Career and work my network marketing business part time, earning well over full time income.

Talk about change in direction! We are so grateful for the opportunities this company has brought to our lives. One thing Donnell and I seldom touch on is the self-development and how much we have been able to grow as individuals. Investing in ourselves has allowed us to offer our friends, family, clients and teammates a lot more. As we strengthen our health and expand our knowledge, we see the ripple effect around us. Those closest to us and those plugged into us are catching fire too and that is more rewarding than any dollar amount. This is life on our terms!


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