1. What song gets you pumped?

I love all different types of music so this is really hard for me, but if I had to pick…

Anything Drake or Meek Mill

2. What do you love about A&D fitness?

I love everyone and how motivating and inspiring they are. The energy and vibes in this gym can’t be duplicated, this is something so rare, and I love coming to work everyday be able to do what I do is amazing.

3. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

A dog because they are loved, part of a family, loyal, get some exercise, get to be lazy too, come on being a dog would be pretty cool…

4. Favorite workout snack?

Protein shake, or banana and peanut butter for sure!

5. Perfect Sunday Afternoon activity?

Taking my dog for a walk, or spending time with my family & friends.

6. Most Challenging Exercise movements, why?

Pull-ups…I just can’t do this without assistance, and it frustrates me to no end. I will one day do these…watch me

7. Best advice you have ever received

“Things don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”

8. The food you can’t live without?

Pizza, bread, or cookies…I swear it is about balance right??

9. 3 words that describe you:


Hard Working


10. Morning or Evening workout?

Honestly either one, but I do like getting it done earlier in the day, feels a lot better when you just get it don’t

11. Favorite workout shoes:

I love all types of shoes, I don’t discriminate.

12. Biggest accomplishment:

Taking a leap of faith, quitting my job, leaving my college degree behind, and pursuing my career in fitness.

13. Your mantra?

You got this.

14. Favorite season and why?

Spring, or fall. I love the milder days, not so hot, not so cold. I love the activities in spring, and fall, there is way more to do!


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