1. What Song Gets you Pumped?
Ahora es by Wisin y Yandel

2. What do you love about A&D Fitness?
I love the fact that fitness looks different on all of us. 

3. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
Eagle: free, fierce & strong hunter. 

4. Favorite workout snack?

5. Perfect Sunday Afternoon activity?
Relax or party, I enjoy both.

6. Most Challenging exercise Movements and WHY? 
All Squat Burnout variations… Squat Jumps, Holds, Pulses BECAUSE THE BURN IS REAL AND I LOVE ME A GOOD LOWER BODY BURN.

7. Best advice you have ever received?
There are truly no shortcuts in life, everything is a process so work through it and get through it.

8. The food you can not live without?
Chicken wings.

9. Three words to describe you?
Understanding, Loyal, Strong.

10. Morning or evening workout?

11.Favorite Workout Sneakers?
Nike Huaraches.

12. Biggest Accomplishment?
Grow myself into freedom.

13. Your Mantra…
What’s for me will not pass me by.

14. Favorite Season and WHY?
Summer, because I’m hot!


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