1. What song gets you pumped?

Pana – Tekno

2. What do you love about A&D fitness

The amazing family and positivity it provides. It also makes fitness fun and creative, love the constant challenges that we all tackle as a family

3.if you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

– I would be a deer, mind my own business. Strong as heck and live on the grass. Not to mention that have nice peaches LOL

4. Favorite workout snack?
Any fruit. Specifically banana with almond butter (YUM!)

5. Perfect Sunday Afternoon activity?
Lunch with my family. No technology and lots of laughs

6. Most Challenging Exercise movements, why?
Isolation with single-leg movements. Your strength is reduced by 70%, takes a lot of focus and engaging core for stability. Challenging but I am always up for it and with practice have gotten better, still not perfect but that’s not the goal. Progression is.

7. Best advice you have ever received?
Someone can be dealt the same hand you have and win with it.

8. The food you can’t live without?

9. 3 words that describe you?
Layered. Loving. Loyal.

10. Morning workout or evening workout?

Morning Workout all day #4amCLUB

11. Favorite workout shoes?
Whatever feels good and is on sale. Where my bargain shoppers at? Loving Adidas right now.

12. Biggest accomplishment?
Learning how to forgive myself

13. Your mantra…

“It’s a different kind of strong”

14. Favorite season and why?

Summer – cause I am all about bringing the HEAT.


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