Donnell & I have launched 6 FREEMAN BUTT LIFT Personal Training Programs that we are beyond excited to now bring to ALL of you ONLINE!

Every woman who has committed to this program has seen phenomenal results. Not one has left the program without at least 1 INCH Booty Gains, a tighter Lower Body, an understanding of how they should be training and pushing themselves during workouts, AND the BEST part of all…A BIGGER SMILE & MORE CONFIDENCE.

Check out some of the results on our IG page @A_DFITNESS and see below for some testimonials

The Freeman Butt Lift is a 10 Week Program (Totaling 20 Workouts). You will focus on LOWER BODY training 2x/week for the 10 weeks. We bring in the FOUNDATIONAL lower body exercises that we have kept consistent in our own regimens for 6 years now BUT also add in Some of our unique techniques to ensure NOTHING but RESULTS!