Finding out I was Pregnant was not something I was excited about. In fact, Donnell and I were not planning on having children for at least another 2-4 years. We were taught FAMILY is everything and both come from very loving/caring families but we also witnessed “the struggle” growing up. We wanted things to be different. We wanted more and had/have a vision to show our younger generations you can live a life by design with hard work, dedication, and commitment. With that being said, having a child was looked at as a setback. We wanted to wait for the “PERFECT” time to plan and have our first so that we didn’t have to experience that same struggle and could show him/her the world without a worry.

Advocare came into our lives and changed everything. We got a taste of SUCCESS and life became FUN and FREE! The time and financial freedom allowed us to travel more in one year than we did in our entire lives. We told ourselves we were going to enjoy each other and different places of the world before a baby. Well that changed faster than a blink of an eye.

The day before our trip to Vegas, I found out I was pregnant. It took 6 pregnancy test and an emergency visit to get blood work done for me to understand this was reality. I BECAME THE MOST SELFISH PERSON EVER! I immediately thought of my body, not being able to enjoy the pool parties aka drinks in Vegas, going to the Olympia and looking at all these beautiful fit women and all I had to look forward to was weight gain. My mindset was disgusting. Donnell was hurt by it and I was so stuck in my shallow thoughts I never thought about his feelings.

I cried and cried thinking our lives had to stop, my body was forever gone, the financial struggle would be worse than ever, and thought I would have to sacrifice things that I was not ready to give up. Society tells you, your body will never be the same, you will never be able to sleep well again, say bye to time freedom because life is about to get VERY busy and so many other negative things instead of how precious and beautiful pregnancy truly is, how to have a healthy pregnancy but not become obsessed about it, how being fit post baby is possible as well as feeling beautiful and confident, and the fact that your entire world will change for the better once that precious little baby is thrown on your chest for the first time!

I had an incredible pregnancy and delivery but wish I could have enjoyed it more. First trimester I was sick and laid out on the couch for most of my days, productivity was out the window and it drove me nuts. All I could get down was hot fries (chips) and starburst. Water and healthy eating was not an option. Getting to the gym was a struggle and pretty much nonexistent. Second trimester came rolling around and that all changed. I was back to healthy eating (NO STRUCTURED PLAN JUST HEALTHY DECISIONS), lots of water, back on my supplement regimen, and working out 5 days a week. I did this throughout the entire pregnancy and even got to work out the day I gave birth but at that time I did not appreciate any of it.

The big goal post baby was to commit to my third Fitness Competition before Blake turned one. I needed a date on the calendar and something that was going to force me to stay on track the way I thought I wanted. Donnell is my coach/trainer but I knew I needed even more of a push from someone who was not so close therefore hired a coach. I had all intentions on competing at the Cutler in April 2017 but when I committed I felt like a huge weight was thrown on my back. Something did not feel right.

A few weeks in, I backed out. I spoke to the coach I hired as well as Donnell to let them know the timing was just not right. The holidays were here and I AM THE BIGGEST CHRISTMAS & Holiday LOVER YOU WILL EVER MEET therefore with it being Blake’s first Thanksgiving, his first Christmas, and his first year of life, it had my thoughts all over the place. When I commit to something it is ALL or NOTHING and I was not about to half a$$ the prep but even more importantly I refused to give my baby pieces of me here and there when I had the energy to do so. The first two shows were not easy and took a ton of time and sacrifice that I was not willing to give up again. I had time to sit and think about what I wanted. I needed a commitment but the show was not it.

After sitting and thinking hard, I realized I had a new vision and mission. I want to inspire women as a whole but now looking to specifically reach and touch PREGNANT WOMEN and NEW MOMMAS. I want women to look at me and say if she can, I can. I personally feel like competing would take away from that. I know it would be an inspiring journey but I also know I can do it without the stress and weight it brought me. I want to be able to be healthy and fit by making overall healthy decisions, working out because I love it, satisfying cravings without feeling like I committed a crime, and teach/show others how to do the same. I enjoy teaching good, lifelong, sustainable LIFESTYLE habits that people can commit to, see progress, feel amazing and empowered while on their journey, all while setting a good example for their children and the generations to follow. I am now on a mission to do just that!

I have a photo-shoot planned in March with the hubby . We go away every year for our dating anniversary and decided this year we are heading back to Miami for a fun couples shoot and use that as something to push us toward the goals we have set for ourselves. I am not looking to be shredded for the shoot but more of a healthy, thickfit, toned look.

For all my pregnant friends out there, PLEASE enjoy the journey, love on that growing baby and belly because before you know it he/she is here, your world has changed for the better and you will be wishing you did anyway. Being hard on yourself is easy so take the hard route. We are incredible, our bodies are beyond amazing, and we deserve to enjoy, be proud, and happy of what we are capable of. (NO MAN CAN DO WHAT WE DO hehe)

My advice to all pregnant women out there:

1. Make Healthy Food Choices Everyday but be okay with life when you feel like some pizza, a bag of chips, or piece of candy!

2. Stay Active. Go for a walk, take a hike, go for a swim, take yoga (SO GOOD FOR YOU), if you lift weights and are cleared to continue… DO IT, JUST MOVE THAT BODY! Your baby will thank you and you will thank yourself while on your post baby “SNAPBACK” journey.

3. Drink lots of WATER!

4. Talk to your doctor about supplementing your body. The more micronutrients and energy you can fill your body with the better!!!! (TRUST ME, without my SPARK this momma was staying on the couch)

5. LOVE YOURSELF EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!! Growing and weight gain is inevitable so embrace those beautiful baby gains.

6. Post baby, after your check up and clearance, get back to it… MAKE TIME FOR YOU. At home workouts will be your best friend. Take advantage of them during those nap times. XOXO